Home Automation for Your Wichita Home Can Benefit You in the Following 3 Ways

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You may have heard of home automation: that service that allows you to control some of your home’s key installations with the touch of a button. Sounds like something out of the “Jetsons,” right? But it’s no cartoon fantasy. Home automation is very real. On top of that, it’s very beneficial to you. After all, […]

Useful Tips for Your Home Automation System

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Making the decision to opt for the transition to home automation is a step into the future, a way of making your home work for you. It is, in essence, the ultimate way to have a smart home. Yet, each day more and more Witchita homeowners do opt for this, yet are not learning how […]

Electrical Safety Tips For Wichita

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Electrical safety is important for everyone. There are ways we can help our Wichita, KS community to be safe and energized while using electrical power in our homes. The last thing we want is for someone to be faced with dangerous conditions. Unfortunately, just one house fire can burn down the entire neighborhood if it’s […]

Outlet Problems In Wichita?

The last thing you want is for your home in Sedgwick County to catch fire from electrical outlet problems! Does your outlet spark, snap, pop, or scare the heck out of you? It’s trying to tell you that it needs the help of our Wichita electricians at It’s Electric! Outlet problems are a common problem […]

Custom Electrical Installations Offer You Smart Home Options

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Over the last 25 years that we’ve been in business, It’s Electric electricians have seen a lot of changes in home wiring that have enabled homeowners to use more advanced technologies in their homes. For instance, just take the invention of electric cars that require the addition of electrical systems to support home car charging […]

Tips to Consider when Buying Andale Home Generators for your Use

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Being a Andale homeowner will require you to be forward thinking and to have the necessary contingency plans installed, in case something unfortunate unexpectedly takes place. For example, you should invest on good Andale home generators that allow you to maintain the safety and comfort of your home even if your locale’s electricity supply is cut off […]

Be Back Up Ready! Through Waco Surge Protection

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Household Waco surge protection schemes should be maintained well by experts. Managing electric flows is not an easy responsibility. Mismanagement of electric surges may result to electrocution of specific individuals, fire outbursts, destruction of appliances due to damages that are caused by voltage transients, and poor appliance performance. Hiring professionals to manage one’s home electricity flow […]

Protect Sensitive Electronics in Wichita with Surge Protection

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Increasingly, Wichita residents find themselves more and more dependent on electrical devices in this modern world. Our DVD players, gaming systems, microwaves and of course our computers are important to our quality of life and communication with our family, friends and in some cases, work contacts. Considering also that these electronic devices are not always […]

Top Electrical Safety Tips For Your Wichita Home

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Every Kansas home has electricity flowing through it and normally safe however, if you have young children or are planning to do work on you home, you must make sure you have some basic electrical safety training and electrical safety rules.

Electrical Safety Month: Knowing Electrical Safety

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Knowing proper electrical safety is imperative for many reasons. One can become shocked, burned or in the worst case scenario a person can be electrocuted which can lead to death by not becoming knowledgeable about electrical safety. One should be aware of basic safety guidelines when working with or around electricity. Here’s some tips from your Wichita electrician…. Faulty wiring […]

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