Outlet Problems In Wichita?

The last thing you want is for your home in Sedgwick County to catch fire from electrical outlet problems! Does your outlet spark, snap, pop, or scare the heck out of you?

It’s trying to tell you that it needs the help of our Wichita electricians at It’s Electric!

Outlet problems are a common problem for everyone across the United States. This is simply because there are so many homes in the country and many of our homes have electrical systems that are older. Even in newer homes, an outlet can have problems if connections weren’t made correctly to begin with.

Loose Wiring In Outlets

Older homes have older wiring that may need to be completely replaced. Other times, your outlet connections could have come loose. Over time, the wiring and parts of your outlet are subjected to vibrations and the expansion and contraction from weather conditions. The natural conditions can make the connections come loose over time. This is one common problem homeowners have.

GFCI Outlets

Your outlet may also be of the wrong type necessary. For example, you may need a GFCI type outlet instead of a regular outlet if it’s located in an area where water could get on it or on items you plug in. AFCI outlets can automatically shut off the power to the line if it recognizes a potential fire hazard.

Electrical Arcs & AFCI Breakers Installation

Electricity is never something you want to mess around with if you aren’t professionally trained and licensed! Yet many homeowners think that if they can turn a screwdriver, they can fix an outlet. And it’s true that the concept, as well as the task, seems simple…but it’s not.

For instance, do you know what the conditions are that will cause an electrical arc? You may know what an electric arc is, but what makes them happen?

Or, do you understand how electricity passes between the system of wiring in your home? You may think everything is going to be fine if you just shut off the main breaker entirely, but that isn’t the case either because you’ll have to turn that breaker back on and if you haven’t done things correctly, you could hurt yourself or someone else trying to use the outlet later.

Please Hire A Licensed Electrician For Repairs!

Perhaps you know a little about electricity and how it works, but that doesn’t mean you’ve had the rest of the knowledge and experience given to you that you truly need to work safely on your home’s electrical system.

We applaud all those out there who make repairs around their home, no matter who they are or what they’re trying to accomplish because we know that you’re a hard worker for your family and you love doing things with your hands.

However, please always seek the help of professionally licensed electricians when it comes to making those kinds of repairs and fixes. It’s simply not worth the risks involved.

It’s Electric, Your Wichita Electricians

At It’s Electric, we have all your best interests in mind, including your pocketbook. Our rates are competitive and reasonable, which is one of the ways we can show our customers how much we care about them. We also strive to serve our customers with the best possible service, so you know you can always count on our repairs to be reliable.

We offer you 24/7 emergency services so we can take care of your outlet problems or other electrical emergencies. Give us a call and you’ll find true professionals who are experts in their field with the compassion and understanding for each and every customer we serve!

If you have questions about Outlet Repairs or need a Wichita Electrician, please call 316-491-2910 or complete our online request form.

If you are looking for a Wichita Electrician then please call 316-491-2910 or complete our online request form.