Custom Electrical Installations Offer You Smart Home Options

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Electrical Installations

Over the last 25 years that we’ve been in business, It’s Electric electricians have seen a lot of changes in home wiring that have enabled homeowners to use more advanced technologies in their homes. For instance, just take the invention of electric cars that require the addition of electrical systems to support home car charging stations.

As a picture of what we can do in a smart home, you have to be able to use your imagination because we’re still pretty far off from standardized options in new home construction.

Most of us live with advanced technologies as it is, so it’s hard to imagine things being even better for us. But a higher quality of life is available today, we just need to be aware we can get it if we want it.

Most new homes today can support higher electrical loads than just a decade or so ago, but advancements in technology and consumer usage of new systems that need more or special power configurations are still out demanding what is being installed in new homes.

For instance, many homeowners want solar power equipment but it’s still a custom installation and not a standard one for new homes. Here are a few common electrical installations we are asked to install additional electrical systems for:

  • – Saunas
  • – Electric Car Charging Stations
  • – Overhead Outlets (good in the garage for hobbyists)
  • – Swimming Pool Lighting or Heaters or Pump Systems
  • – Hot Tubs
  • – Security Systems
  • – Computer Networking
  • – Electrical Systems for Outdoor Living Areas
  • – Intercoms
  • – Smart Thermostats
  • – Whole Home Surge Protection
  • – Automatic Hurricane Shades or Shutters
  • – Smart Windows and Smart Tints
  • – Security Systems
  • – Computer Equipment
  • – Dedicated Computer Circuits
  • – Generators

Many electricians still remain behind the times, but not so at It’s Electric. Our technicians have seen many changes for homeowners throughout the years, but we’ve kept up with all the new technologies and can give you the wiring and installations you’re looking for.

Perhaps one day, within a few decades or so, we’ll see our new homes standardized with options like electric car charging stations and solar power panels, automatic window shades controlled by remote that protect from hurricane forced winds or smart home computer systems that control all our lighting and other equipment.

Home customization is done every day, with some requiring additional electrical wiring or changes and some only needing installation of the product. While some systems may require other specialists than licensed electricians, most of the customizations mentioned can be installed by our professional electricians.

Until the day these advanced technologies are installed as standard options in new home, they will require electrical system customization to the home. Many of these systems are manufactured to help save you money on energy costs, which is the higher goal along with being able to use our home’s systems with ease.

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