Electrical Safety Tips For Wichita

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Home Surge ProtectionElectrical safety is important for everyone. There are ways we can help our Wichita, KS community to be safe and energized while using electrical power in our homes. The last thing we want is for someone to be faced with dangerous conditions. Unfortunately, just one house fire can burn down the entire neighborhood if it’s not quickly controlled.

Every day, we use our electrical system. Whether it’s to charge up our cell phones and tablets or to keep our refrigerator, water heater, lights, and HVAC system running, we’re constantly demanding a lot from the wiring and circuits. Our homes should be safe and comfortable with an electrical system we trust. And God forbid that neglecting it adversely affects other people in the community.

Faulty & Old Wiring Needs Replacement

According to reported statistics for the U.S. from the NFPA, electrical failure or malfunction was involved in around 47,820 home fires between the years 2007-2011. 455 civilian deaths and 1,518 injuries were reported along with $1.5 billion in property damage from fires. Electricity must be respected and the wiring or old electrical panel replaced and upgraded when it’s time.

Electrical Inspections Are A Part Of Home Maintenance

Have an electrical safety inspection done if one hasn’t been done for your home in about 5 years or so. When you buy a Wichita home, always have an electrical inspection done prior to making an offer. Sometimes you inherit old problems from a bad repair, bad installation, or old electrical wiring and outdated electrical panel.

Installing Outlets & Wiring

Don’t add receptacles onto the electrical outlets by using extenders or power strips. Only plug one item in per receptacle. Otherwise, you can easily overload the circuit that the outlet shares with others. Overload is a huge problem that can cause sparks, surges, arcs, electrocution, or fires.

Hiring A Wichita Electrician

Ensure that all the electrical work is done by a licensed, experienced Wichita electrician. Sure, some people may have some knowledge and skill to work on electrical systems, but only a licensed and experienced professional will do the work according to the latest local and national safety code standards. Ensure the work passes inspection when it’s necessary. Real experienced electricians will make sure this happens.

Install A Dedicated Circuit For Heavy Appliances

Major appliances may need to be on a direct circuit that only serves the appliance. A circuit is a route of wiring that reaches several outlets, lights, and switches. If too much load is put on one circuit by larger appliances with everything else plugged in along the route, it could burn out the appliances along the circuit with all the wiring within the walls.

Hot tubs, spas, HVAC systems, swimming pool pumps, well pumps, and other heavy equipment should always be wired with a dedicated circuit.

Electrical Repairs In Wichita

If you’ve ever experienced frequent problems with blowing fuses, lights flickering, tingling feelings when you touch an appliance, discolored or warm outlets, burning smells, or see sparks, it’s time to call the Wichita electrician of your choice. If you don’t have a reliable electrician, call our experts at It’s Electric.

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