Great Landscape Lighting Tips

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Lights add an entirely different effect on landscaping that creates a unique atmosphere. Not only are they decorative, but practical and safe. Here are a few tips to help you as you consider the type of Wichita landscape lighting that is right for you and your lawn.

Get a Game Plan

Before you ever install the first light, it is best to figure exactly what style or design that you are going for and the purpose of your lighting. If it is purely functional, say, for security reasons, then the type of lighting you will be purchasing may be completely different than something is ornate. Do you prefer lighting that illuminates your entire yard, or just highlights certain areas? Will your lighting be extended out into the yard, or do you want to concentrate most of it around or your porch or deck? Knowing what your purpose is can you help you cast a vision more clearly.

Do Your Homework

Although most homeowners know what they want their landscaping to look like, finding the right type of lights to accent their yard can be another challenge all together. It’s best to contact an It’s Electric consultant to find out all the options that are available to you, and to help you understand the different kinds of lights and their function. If you have chance, look at magazines or go online and get some ideas that are similar to what you want to do as well. This will end up saving you considerable time and money. The last thing you want is to do is invest in lighting that you are ultimately not happy with.

Safety & Security

Lighting around your landscape and deck or patio gives you instant security, as you are able to view outside activity much easier. But not all lighting is designed for this and can limit your visibility. Security lights can either be uni or multi-directional. They can also create wide or narrow focal points depending on their use.

For instance, if you want your guests to have adequate lighting while walking on your sidewalk then focused lighting designed for that purpose is essential to be effective. If you need to create a situation where you entire yard is lit up, however, then more powerful lights with a broader reach is more appropriate. It is important to understand that when you install lights for security reasons that your target area is highlighted with enough light for greater visibility.

Save Money with Energy Efficient Lighting

While it is true that energy efficient lights can cost more than other types of lighting, the real question is whether or not they save you more money in the long run. Having additional lighting in your yard will affect your energy bill no matter how you slice it. So it is best to go for efficiency without sacrificing proper lighting. Check with your Wichita electrician to find out more about you can install your lights the smart way.

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