Park City Landscape Lighting to add Beauty and Value

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Park City Landscape LightingWell-chosen Park City landscape lighting has the ability to charm and lend drama to key subjects and delight both homeowners as well as guests. Apart from providing overall illumination and making key areas of your home or commercial establishment stand out, lighting fixtures that bathe subjects in quality light also help accentuate the unique or special character of subjects.

Natural, beautiful light can give elegant new expression to architectural spaces like well-manicured lawns/gardens or poolside areas of residences, hotels, art museums, or restaurants. Some examples of modern landscape lighting that can be used for residences would include glare-free outdoor wall-mounted lights that blend with surrounding spaces; downlights; and spotlights that use the latest optic technology.

To create a pleasant Park City residential zone or a lovely garden path, elegant looking weatherproof and glare-proof lawn lights that come in a variety of materials and shapes (umbrella-shaped, cone-shaped, etc.) in aluminium housing and anti-corrosive electrostatic painting have emerged as suitable options.  In ground uplighter made of die-cast aluminium that comes with compact fluorescent lamp can enhance plants. For parks, courtyards, and walkways, functional and decorative modern underground lights that have minimal maintenance cost are great innovations.

Other types of beautiful landscape lighting for Park City homes and commercial places with pools or water features like fountain would be underwater lights with strengthened housing. Also widely used nowadays for exterior stairs, parking areas, or building facades are LED (light emitting diode) lights with long life span, plus energy-saving, environment-friendly and decorative advantages. The distinct advantage of LED lights over the standard light bulbs is that they offer greater illuminating efficiency as well as good shock resistance. They are also usually a smaller light source and their emitted light can have different colors ranging from infra-red to ultraviolet.

Product breakthroughs in the market today  also include versatile lighting systems with wall washing configurations for outdoor walls.

A well-planned outdoor design & lighting fixtures can be incorporated in an aesthetically pleasing plan. In most cases, homeowners would enlist the services of a landscape architect or Park City professional lighting contractor for a truly awesome impact. Different product configurations allow various effects. Reputable lighting fixture suppliers may offer warranty of up to two years from invoice date and some of them offer rectification arising from faulty materials or workmanship free of charge.

Whether you want adequate illumination while resting on your garden bench, or a soft spot of light under your veranda or front walkway, warm light accenting your plants or illuminating your walking path, stairs, and doorways, beautiful and functional Park City landscape lighting can transform your dwelling place.

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