Wichita Electrical Services

It's Electric was started over 25 years ago in 1984, by Joel Troyer and a former partner. As a Wichita Master Electrician, Joel has a wealth of knowledge and experience in electrical design build, applications, and troubleshooting.   You can count on Joel and his team of professionals at It's Electric to provide exactly the type of service you deserve.  Joel's #1 rule to live by is"Treat others as you would be treated" and he runs his company by this rule each and every day.

It's Electric currently employs 11 professionals, so no job is too big or too small. We have a large assortment of professional equipment, including circuit tracers and testers not commonly found on other service trucks. We run background checks and drugs tests on all of our service professionals so you can have peace of mind knowing your family is safe and secure. Here are the services we provide in the Wichita Area:


Residential Electrical Repairs

Wichita Eletrcial Repair

At It's Electric, our electricians handle lots of different types of Electrical projects. We can come to your Wichita home and diagnose any problem you may be having. While performing Wichita Electrical repair services to fix your Electrical problem, we will use only the finest products available and guarantee all our...(Read More)


Surge Protection

Wichita Surge Protection

Although very rare, protecting your home from a lightning strike is a smart idea. If your Wichita home is hit directly by lightning it can cause big damages the will also hit your pocketbook. Damage caused by surges can destroy computers, home theaters, telephones and Electrical...(Read More)


Panel Upgrades

Wichita Panel Upgrades

Electrical panel upgrades and replacements can update your old break box to give it the ability to handle today's power needs. Don't let an outdated power supply hold you back: contact your...(Read More)



Indoor/Outdoor Lighting

Wichita Lighting

It is crucial that every room have great interior lighting for functional comfort. Because of the wide variety of lighting fixtures, the decisions about indoor lighting are unlimited. Indoor lighting fixtures are used for both beauty and function. It's Electric can help you find the perfect...(Read More)



Wichita Generator

It's Electric are a proud installer of Kohler residential generators.  Kohler residential generators offer the best warranty on the market and offer safe reliable standby power. The Kohler 12kW was also named a "best buy" - and the highest rated...(Read More)


Whole House Wiring Inspections

Wichita Wiring Inspections

Whole House Wiring inspections make excellent sense for people who are buying, building, or selling a new home. Understanding your Wichita home’s wiring systems and components are critical when it comes to purchase, repair and maintenance...(Read More)



Electrical Troubleshooting

Wichita Electrical Troubleshooting

Electrical equipment malfunctions can be caused by mechanical contacts and parts wearing out, wires overheating and shorting out, by impact or abrasion to name a few. Equipment...(Read More)



Pool and Spa

Wichita Pool and Spa

Fiber Optic Lighting is the perfect solution for pool or spa. Usually there is a major risk installing lights near water but with fiber lighting there is no Electrical wiring near the water, only lights. This means there is never a chance of electric shock or electrocution. With fiber...(Read More)



Ceiling Fan Installation

Wichita Ceiling Fan Installation

There is a lot of confusing among Wichita homeowners on how ceiling fans can actually make a room feel warmer or cooler depending on which way the blades are spinning. In the summer months, fan blades rotating counter-clockwise creates what is called a...(Read More)


Home Automation

Wichita Home Automation

Imagine that your electronic systems are all linked together providing a way to increase your comfort and the simplicity of living. Home automation encompasses all lights and Electrical components ...(Read More)



Dedicated Computer Circuits

Wichita Computer Circuits

If your office or home experiences frequent power surges then you know how frustrating they can be for everyone because computers and other equipment will shut down costing time and possibly lost data. Power surges are also a fire hazard. It's Electric can...(Read More)



Appliance Circuits

Wichita Appliance Circuits

If your home or office experiences frequent power surges then you know what a pain they can be for everyone because equipment like computers, appliances and other equipment will shut down costing time and possibly lost data. Power surges are also a fire hazard. It's Electric can stop power surge issues by...(Read More)


Electrical Inspections

Wichita Electrical Inspections

Wichita home inspections are a great idea whether buying, building, or selling a new home. Understanding your Wichita home’s Electrical systems are critical when it comes to repair,...(Read More)



Computer and Telephone Systems

Wichita Computer and Telephone Systems

The cable and connecting hardware in a building that connects telephones, computers and video/sound devices is called a Structured Wiring System. This type of wiring system meets certain standards that allows equipment to be added or changed without having to modify cables in the...(Read More)

If you are looking for a electrical services in Wichita then please call 316-491-2910 or complete our online request form.