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Fiber Optic Lighting is the perfect solution for pool or spa. Usually there is a major risk installing lights near water but with fiber lighting there is no Electrical wiring near the water, only lights. This means there is never a chance of electric shock or electrocution. With fiber optic lighting you can choose colors and you will be able to control your lights with a remote control.


Having a place to escape in your backyard is an amazing benefit provided by a heated pool or spa. You always want to be sure the Electrical components of the pool or spa is installed correctly. When you hired It's Electric to connect your pool or spa, you are assured it is done right by a Wichita Pool and Spa professional. Enjoy your pool or spa with the peace of mind that you and your loved ones are completely safe from the dangers that electricity close to water can bring.


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Why Wichita Should Hire Us For Pool and Spa services

It's Electric offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our pool and spa services in Wichita. Our goal is be an electrician that homeowners to depend on for reliable services. From a small Wichita spa to a large heated pool, It's Electric can handle your pool and spa needs.

It's Electric is the residential service department of ElectriCraft, Inc., which was started over 25 years ago in 1984. Our expert electricians have been in the Electrical industry for so long that they are professional, and highly skilled.

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